Aujourd’hui, il neige (Today, it’s snowing).

Il neige - it's snowing (French)

Il neige – it’s snowing (French)

Indeed, Aujourd’hui, il neige. It is baltic. I am sure we had our summer around this time last year!!! This is usually the time of year when we all get out our summer gear, clean the barbecue and start power washing the decking so we can use it all for…… a whole week….and then it pours down for the rest of the season. The joys of living in the UK, or, in our case Scotland. Although fiercely proud of ourr country, we have to admit that the weather is just crap and lets us down at every turn! The kids had a ball. Like all kids of that age, they are totally oblivious to the cold and see the fun in everything. Aren’t their masterpieces amazing. Two little faces proud of their own little snowman (bonhomme de neige). x

Teach yourself French (in order to teach your kids French)!

Okay, so you’re here to teach your kids how to speak French….yee ha! All very exciting but where on earth do you start??? Or,where do WE start….seeing as I’m captain of this ship?!?!?! I take it for granted that everyone who has had some formal schooling in the UK will have some knowledge of the French language. This knowledge will likely range from very basic (a few words), to conversational (manage to get by in an emergency). Some of you may even be completely fluent like myself but just have no idea where to start when trying to teach someone else. It’s daunting when we consider that the people we are trying to teach are small children and it’s terrifying to think that they are OUR VERY OWN small children-often the most unco-operative little human beings on the planet!
My goal is to enable everyone, those with a very basic knowledge through to those with great competency, to effectively introduce their young children to the French language. I hope this will be both educational and fun and I truly believe it will be a life enhancing experience for those on the receiving end of this learning experience (even if they are slightly uncommitted to the cause to begin with).
The main message I wish to convey before we embark on our journey of fun filled adventures and tantrums is that this experience would be all the more enriching and effective if YOU also improve your competency in the language. It’s all very well regurgitating phrases that I post or that everyone ‘commonly knows’, but, what if you are one of the people who only has a basic knowledge of French? Wouldn’t you like to improve upon that? Would you not feel more credible speaking to your child in French if you were confident that you could hold the same conversation with a native French speaker? Imagine how amazing it would feel to spend a holiday in France, or, a weekend in Paris and comunicate in French without any problem at all. It is certainly an attainable goal but as with everything worthwhile, effort is required. 
Rosetta Stone is an amazing tool for anyone who is interested in learning a foreign language and I would highly recommend these courses to any adult who wishes to improve their competency in the French language. Please take a look and see what you think.
Please let me know who you’ll be teaching and what the motivation behind it is. I’m sure there are kids of all ages out there who would love to learn a second language and adults from all walks of life who’d love to teach them. Please get on board with us and enjoy the ride.
Rosetta Stone French